Greene County Children Services



Business Operations are continuing to provide essential services to the children and families of Greene County.
Please contact us by phone, e-mail, or fax to see if you can be served remotely or if an appointment will need to be scheduled.

Visitors are required to follow safety protocols to ensure the well-being of all visitors and employees.

Greene County Children Services COVID-19 status

Xenia, OH – April/May 2020 – Greene County Children Services remains dedicated to ensuring the safety of the children of Greene County.

We are prioritizing our work and response to minimize the exposure of COVID-19 for the children and families we serve, our employees and our community. 

Please call 937-562-6600 if you need to make a referral of child abuse/neglect.

Face to face family interaction and visitation for children in agency custody has been suspended temporarily as we know children may carry the COVID-19 virus without symptoms and unknowingly place their parents, siblings, grandparents and other family members as well as the families of caregivers at risk. 

GCCS is working on ways to allow parents and siblings to have contact through phone, skype, and other available options.

Meetings are continuing where possible utilizing phone conferences and calling ahead to get participant feedback if they do not have the ability to participate by phone. 

On-line training programs are still open to participants.

We are not able to take in-person donations at this time but would be happy to arrange dates for the delivery of items when we re-open.


To report a suspected case of abuse or neglect call:
(937) 562-6600 

Our mission

, with the support of the community, provides family-centered services to protect children from abuse and neglect by building safe and permanent families. We offer a spectrum of services from family assessment and support to temporary and permanent child placement through foster care, adoption and independent living programs. Every day we assess reports of abuse or neglect, collaborate with other organizations that serve children in Greene County, and help families meet the needs of our community’s most vulnerable children.

With compassion and commitment, we touch the lives of thousands of people in Greene County every year by providing a voice for children and supporting the families who care for them. The safety of the children in our community is always our top priority.

24/7 Service

Protecting our community’s most vulnerable children is more than just a 9-to-5 job. That’s why Greene County Children Services is available by telephone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have staff on call around the clock to receive reports of abuse or neglect and to handle urgent needs as they arise.

Information for Adoption and Foster Care

For additional information about foster care call us at (937) 562-6600.

Mandated Reporter Training

Greene County Children Services offers Mandated Reporter Training, free of charge, to community partners and organizations.  For more information, call Monica Schiffler, at (937) 562-6600.

Satisfaction Survey

Please take the time to fill out our satisfaction survey. Tell us your thoughts and what we can do to provide better service.